Sim Hosting Industry UAE

  • Insurance companies
  • Mutual Fund Industry
  • FMCG Industry
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Airlines
  • Banking
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Educational institutions
  • Stock Market – Share brokers
  • Hotel Booking Services

  • Insurance companies Uses Sim hosting in Policy updates, Payment confirmation , Maturity remainder , and also to receive information on premium due date

  • Mutual Fund Industry Uses Sim hosting in Dividend update , Receiving updates and Bonus information etc.

  • FMCG Industry Uses Sim hosting in Distributor queries, Lucky draw and quiz contest and also to Collect user’s feedback.

  • Hotels and resorts Uses Sim hosting in Collect home delivery orders and also Quiz contest and special events

  • Airlines Uses Sim hosting in Check flight cancellation by SMS, Booking promotions and also Customer can check change of flight schedule

High Performance SMS Delivery System
High Performance SMS Delivery System
  • Banking Uses Sim hosting in Enquiring Account Balance via SMS, to Create database of potential users (Product-wise or region wise) and also to enquire currency exchange rates on SMS

  • Entertainment Industry Uses Sim hosting to get desired information of movies, news, events to customers by SMS

  • Educational institutions Uses Sim hosting in allowing parents / Students to access Exam results via SMS , and also to play quiz contest organized by school colleges etc

  • Stock Market – Share brokers Uses Sim hosting to allow your registered clients to get information on their portfolio by SMS Pull services , to receive or send share tips ,to Overall Sensex updates via SMS , and also to receive information of demat holdings

  • Hotel Booking Services Uses Sim hosting to book hotel by mobile and also to pay for your booking if mobile payment is supported by bank .

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