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Voice SMS is a communication technology that delivers pre-recorded voice to the thousands of people in very short period of time. That pre-recorded voice conveys your desired message in your target market. Voice SMS conveys more information than text, it express emotions, attitude and reflect your brand image. It is an easy and effective way of communication as voice SMS send to the masses in any language. It is a powerful tool for publicity, branding and sending information.

Start your voice SMS business with us. Buy our voice SMS services in very affordable price and send it at your desired prices. Create contacts; build strong networking in the market helps you to make this business a great business option.

How it works?

Voice SMS is known as out bound dialler which sends your pre-recorded voice to any mobile and landline network across the world. It involves automated dialling on multiple phone numbers at once. The list of phone numbers manages automatically by computer and it start sending pre-recorded voice to the given phone numbers.

Why to be a Voice SMS reseller?

  • Your details are shown to your customers like your brand name, logo and your name.
  • You will get managed control panel under which you can create unlimited customers account.
  • Unlimited validity of SMS
  • All time technical support
  • Send voice SMS in all languages
  • Send voice SMS to all networks across the world.
  • Voice SMS is most easy way to convey SMS as it creates personal touch
  • Do not require any programming language

Voice SMS services are effective way of communication for all industries. voice SMS is ideal use for generate lead, send event notifications, political campaign promotion, promote product and service, send result status to the student, for sending account details and much more.

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