Voice SMS Features

Voice SMS is an innovative way to send your services and brand information in the target market. Voice SMS has special features to attract your customers and users. Voice SMS is a pre recorded voice send as normal SMS to the large audience.

It is more effective way to send information and promote your brands and services. It creates personal touch and maintain brand name in the market.

It is an outbound dialer which makes multiple calls at a time. Our service comes with the feature of DNC numbers filtration. You can also send SMS at predefined date and time. Our services are fully secure and reliable. We offer 24*7 experts support with real time reporting.

You can use our Voice SMS Messaging Gateway for

Automated SMS alerts

  • Appointment reminders generated from your booking application.
  • Time sensitive service interruption alerts for servers or other software based services.
  • Ordering confirmations for online stores, home delivery services or bar and club restaurants.
  • Personalized Priority Messages

Automated SMS response handling

  • Receive replies that interact directly with your software, use keywords for user automation.
  • Receive time sensitive unlock codes for online authentication of offers or services.
  • Use SMS authentication for an extra layer of security for online transactions.

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