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Simple and secure HTTP SMS API. Use our ready-made SMS scripts in ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python.Supports text, Unicode, binary SMS and flash messaging.

XML makes it simple to integrate legacy systems to our gateway. It provides excellent interoperability amongst heterogeneous systems and is, of course, language independent.

SOAP is a protocol for exchanging XML-based messages using HTTP/HTTPS. All services are accessible using the HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

SMS7.biz provides a WSDL API to enable developers to integrate SMS functionality into their applications.

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Voice Sms Message API

With our Voice & SMS API you can easily integrate voice calling and/or text messaging into any application you may have. We've developed the API to be easy to use and we also have our support team available at any time to help if you have any questions or issues along the way.

If you wish to SMS-enable your system or application, you can choose from

SMS API is a simplified term which describes the message sending routines of our SMS API. Through it, any type of application which has access to the internet (e.g. website, software, database etc.) can become SMS-enabled.

sms7.com application programming interface (API) provides the communication link between your application and smscluster.com SMS Gateway, allowing you to send and receive text messages and to check the delivery status of text messages you’ve already sent.

You can use the free SMS scripts of Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl to connect with our Bulk SMS Gateway. You’ll also soon be able to use C#.

Send Voice SMS

http://sms7.biz/send_voice_mail.php?user=&password=password&sender=919981534313&mobiles=9999999999,919999999999 &duration=30&draft_file_name=shakti.wav

Sending voice sms using URL of file

http://sms7.biz/send_voice_mail.php?user=&password=password&sender=919981534313&mobiles=9999999999,919999999999 &duration=30&url_file_name=http://www.example.com/filename.wav

Check Voice SMS Delivery Report



You must enter your own username, password, and command name for each command to be executed. The phone number's Used is only an example, and you must replace it with a valid phone number.

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