Voice SMS Industry India

Voice messaging has been easier - simply record or upload your sound file (wave or mp3 format), enter or upload list of the phone numbers, and quickly send or schedule your broadcast. You will be charged only for delivered messages. We don't charge for call that didn't go through or were not answered.

Industries mostly using Voice SMS Gateway

  • Insurance companies Insurance companies can use Voice SMS to Send information for premium due date, policy update, premium payment confirmation, maturity reminder etc. by insurance holder.
  • Mutual Fund Industry Mutual fund companies use Voice SMS services to Send updated NAV values, dividends, bonus etc
  • FMCG Industry FMCG companies can use Voice Messages services to send promotion,, distributors queries, etc.
  • Restaurants and Hotels Restaurants and hotels can use Voice SMS service to send home delivery orders status, mobile users can get information on promotions like food of the day etc.
  • Airlines After booking your airline tickets can check change of flight schedules, flight cancellation, booking promotions etc.
  • Banking Now most of the bank use Voice SMS services and account holders of the respected banks can get account balance information, payment information, cheque or demand draft enquiry, payment transfer and any other services that is offered by bank.
  • Entertainment Industry Entertainment industry use Voice SMS Gateway for provide services like Jokes, Wallpapers, Ring tones, Games, Applications, MP3, Movie clips.
  • Educational institutions Educational institutes can use Voice SMS for providing receive results, exam information, can play quiz contest etc. that is organized by school / college / university by students etc.
  • Stock Market – Share brokers After banking the most of the huge Voice SMS inflow is in Stock Market, mobile users can get market updates, buy and sale tips of shares, demat holdings, demat balance etc.
  • Hotel Booking Services Hotel booking industry is also using this Voice Messages to reach travelers on mobile, travelers can book hotels by mobile and if bank support mobile payment so you can also pay for your booking by mobile

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