Voice Sms Features India

  • Outdial - The system can make multiple outbound calls at a time.
  • DNC list for each campaign - The entire DNC (Do Not Call) mobile number database will be filtered
  • Scheduling Bulk Voice campaigns - You can schedule your voice campaign at future date and time. The calls will be dialed out only at that time
  • Voice SMS charging only on successful calls connected - We will charge only those calls which are successfully connected to the end users. Complete report for the successful calls will be shared

Voice SMS Benefits

  • Personal Touch - it is a more personal way of communicate as voice message has greater emotions compared to text
  • Reach out to large Indian target audience as text SMS are usually in English and most of Indians are not comfort with that.
  • Get instant response by using interactive features (Asking users to press a key for their response).
  • Complete real-time reporting to measure the response of the campaign.
  • Voice SMS is handset or SIM independent, hence can be used universally for all mobile users.
  • Extremely helpful to Marketers who promote their products/services in rural market.
  • Send message in your own recorded voice (no system generated prompt).

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