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Long Code Service in India

SMS7.biz is an easy to learn and easy to use API for sending and receiving text messages using long codes or short codes. We provide developers with a simple REST interface based on the GSM Association mobile operators in 200+ countries. And in most countries, the mobile phone subscribers can text back.

You can get leads generation through Long Codes in India and you can view them in our web based long code panel. SMS Long code service is primarily used for lead generation or receiving feedbacks from the customers.

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You must enter your own username, password, and command name for each command to be executed. The phone number's Used is only an example, and you must replace it with a valid phone number.

Long Code Services in India is mainly use to keep direct interaction with our customers via various promotional offers like surveys, contest, Lucky Draw, product inquiries, services inquiries, leads generation through Long Codes.

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