International SMS Features India offers best features for your business.

It is complete end-to-end Bulk SMS Solution for developing real-time SMS notification and data access applications that reduce your time and improves your business.

  • SMS can be sent by your Excel Sheet by using our excel plugin software.
  • You can create unlimited groups, and upload unlimited contacts.
  • Send a single or bulk SMS by using our website.
  • Get the accurate delivery report of your send SMS.
  • Our special developers API, which can be integrated with any website, software.
  • Special packages for School, colleges, Stock market, Real Estate and marketing companies.
  • Schedule delivery of Bulk SMS; set a reminder for anniversary, birthdays, festivals etc.
  • No monthly fees, no hidden cost, no maintenance charge.
  • Instant account setup, as you complete your order you get an instant account setup of your account.
  • Flash SMS, a SMS which eye catching because it being displayed on the recipients screen rather than inbox. If recipient wants then he can save it to inbox later on.
  • Convenient admin panel for managing all your activities.
  • Password protection, password is stored in encoded form which cannot be seen by anyone, you can only reset the password and when it is reset client get the password on his mobile no.

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